Retailers use our services to:

  • Manage cash flow, by auctioning-off surplus inventory, or unique items (such as high value pieces).

Hospitality/tourism providers, and BIA’s use our services to drive volume via bespoke experiences:

  • We work with hospitality and tourism partners to develop and auction-off unique, highly profitable experiences that appeal to definable market segments.

Car dealers use us to clear inventory.

Benefits for sellers:

  1. Marketing Benefits: Sellers receive a private, self-managed store, from which they control all of their auctions.  The store provides custom SEO, links to all social sites, a statistics panel to monitor progress, and much more. Additional marketing services include custom social and direct marketing packages to drive qualified buyers to your auction.
  2. Professional consultation and support along the way as you manage your auction.  We work with you to determine pricing, timing, inventory, and related strategies to assure maximum impact of your auction.
  3. Qualified bids from qualified buyers.  Because we invite only qualified buyers to your auction, success is greater than a general public auction.  Additional measures to assure your success include nominal-price per bid (to assure serious bids are placed), and anti-sniping software, to assure the integrity of the auction.
  4. Payments are cleared in real time, and forwarded to you the within one day of receipt.
  5. Your responsibility is to deliver the product (or arrange to have it picked up).