Our pricing reflects our commitment to the Canadian not-for-profit sector, in that regardless of the package you select, you get access to the same number and quality of services.

Because some agencies have more internal resources than others, our pricing reflects the level of support required – not the number of fundraising services used.

We make it easy to use as many fundraising tools as necessary.

Regardless of the service plan you select, your agency will get unlimited access to:

  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Subscription-giving programs
  • Customized donation products/catalog items
  • Fundraising auctions and auction items
  • Event registrations, management, and check-ins (including QR code ticketing integration)
  • Amplification of your messaging with unlimited article posts and posts to our social feeds
  • 2 hours of on-boarding

Our service includes our 2-level, 100% satisfaction guarantee:

  • Packages range from $0
  • 2 hours onboarding
  • 20 hours priority telephone support/year

Additional support and services will be available shortly through the Marketplace, to help your agency achieve its fundraising potential.

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