Because it IS a site to help fundraisers!

Our team are marketers by trade, and bring a decidedly 'sales and marketing' perspective to the sometimes closed-circuit of fundraising.

We're dedicated to building pipelines so that our clients can sell (or if your prefer) close more donations.
1. Payment is received from your donors via their selection of PayPal, Stripe, or Apple Pay, on the Sellboard site.

2. Funds are logged in the 'Ledger' section of your Dashboard, along with detailed information about your donor.

3. Monies are deposited into our account, where they sit for 2 days (to assure no refund requests are received), after which they are transferred to your PayPal or bank account (whichever you specified upon sign-up.

4. Monthly reconciliations assure that balances are current.

It's easy to cancel your account at any time.

To do so, sign into your Vendor account here From your dashboard, select 'Membership' From the 'Membership' tab, select 'Cancel' - you will receive notification of cancellation within seconds. If you would like to discuss your membership, please contact us using the form below, and we will respond directly:
The Journal content is posted by our staff, but its also wide open to any of our Not-for-Profit customers who wish to use it as a platform to inform, educate, promote, or ...whatever!

Content in the Journal is automatically fed to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in the new year, Linkedin.
CRA tax receipts are issued by the Not-for-Profit that you dealt with via our platform, at the time of your donation.

We suggest checking your in-box, spam filter, or just give them a call or send them an email to sort it out.

Our role is to provide the Agency with the tools to develop products and services to attract and support donors. We facilitate the transaction, and that's where we bow-out. Donor lists aren't re-sold to other agencies.
The site takes security very seriously and takes appropriate measures to safeguard data. Some of these measures include:

1. Use of PCI-compliant 3rd-party payment providers
2. SSL encryption
3. Regular backups and redundancy protocols.
4. Non-disclosure of significant measures (if you'd like to speak about it, we'd welcome your call).
Yes, and no.

We process requests for securities donations, and make those available to you. However, since we are not a licensed securities dealer, we do not actually process the transaction, but relay it to the nominated licensed investment dealer.

The process works the same as other transactions: you receive the notification, and can track it/cultivate the donor. The donation request is then forwarded and processed by the donor's investment dealer.
There are two types of admin fees that are potentially charged on the platform, both at the discretion of the charity that you're supporting:

1. Transaction fees - these are the nominal fees that 'keep the lights on', and help us run the platform.

2. Credit card fees - neither we nor the sponsoring charity set or benefit from processing fees, but we do recover them. These two amounts are combined in a section on the invoice called 'admin fees', which is a taxable item.