Background and Context

Introducing Simone Group:

In 1998, we engaged a third party to help us package our business for investment and an eventual sale.

We found the process to be unduly time-consuming, expensive, and a burden to the continuing operation of the business.  The personal stresses were outside of what was to be expected, and we were left with a ‘bad aftertaste’ of the process.

We resolved then and there to make the process of growing or buying a business easier on the business owner.

As the years passed, we took on increasingly complex portfolios for clients across a variety of sectors in both Canada and the US. Common to each was the development and execution of processes to build scale, find buyers, and develop partnerships.


An assignment a few years ago involved the assessment-for-acquisition of several companies across western Canada – during which we noted that the sellers were generally ill-prepared to present their businesses as either serious candidates for acquisition or JV.

A common observation was that businesses were focused on incremental growth – working ever harder to get that increasingly elusive 4-10% growth, in the hope that the grass will eventually be greener for the owners.


We resolved to change that perspective, and help businesses see alternative ways to growth.


In the end, it’s all about you.

Our mission is to help businesses achieve their potential, through transactions that build and extend capability, coverage, and scale, while building – or fully realizing – owner equity.

We used these tools determine that an opportunity exists:

The Limits of Organic Growth

Because an acquisition is a method of strategic growth, it’s reasonable to factor organic growth – the ‘steady as she goes’ approach into the discussion, and assess best-case scenarios for growth. more…


Is the Timing Right to Consider an Acquisition?

Answering ‘Yes’ to any of these will give you confidence that you should proceed with the exploration of an acquisition more…




Are Market Conditions Right?

4 market conditions that indicate timing is right to acquire a company more…

Is it Even Worth the Effort?

Assessing the relative value of a target or range of targets is the first step.  more…

Would it even work?

Successful acquisitions follow a characteristic pattern – see if it might work more…

Process and Budget Questions…

The general process is described here, but be aware that it will take many twists and turns along the way.  We can help with financing if necessary, or just advise on what an offer should/could look like more…

Let me introduce myself now…I’m James Simone.


My background is as a Strategy Consultant and Marketing specialist, and I have broad experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


I’m a process-driven executive with a record of creating exceptional shareholder value for businesses searching for gains in very competitive markets, James has developed and executed strategies that created sustained revenue market share leadership for brands in competitive service-driven markets.


I have launched and owned several enterprises, and consulted on the acquisition and management of many others – all through the lens of creating sustainable growth and wealth for ownership and sponsoring partners, through excellent services.


I’ve worked with leaders in the financial service, healthcare, consulting, personal services, and hospitality sectors, including Home Trust, University of Vermont Health System, CLS, Marriott, and CBT.  


I am an active board member in the not-for-profit community in Edmonton (currently with Jasper Place Family Resource Centre), and I hold both a BComm and an MBA.


I have two grown daughters, and I live in Edmonton with Wendy, my wife of 34 years.

It starts with a conversation.