5 Ways to Fund a Major Purchase

5 Ways to Fund a Major Purchase

Playground equipment is expensive: while that’s fine when the municipality buys it (from tax dollars), when a community organization (like a child services agency) needs to upgrade their service, the purchase of new equipment can be onerous.

Here are five ways to go about funding a major purchase using your Sellboard account:

(using playground equipment as the example)

  1. Engage the parents of the children in a subscription-giving campaign.  Your Sellboard dashboard is ready to go to help you design an affordable subscription-giving campaign.
  2. Develop a one-time donation appeal – again, your Sellboard dashboard makes it a breeze to help you request fixed-amount one-time gifts.
  3. Develop a community-based crowd-funding campaign.  Your Sellboard dashboard helps you reach out to the community – and partner with local businesses interested in your cause – to build a compelling (and immediately rewarding-to-give) campaign.
  4. Set-up a reverse blind auction to assure you’re getting the best possible price.  Your Sellboard dashboard can help you set up a system where you invite qualified suppliers to bid on your project – assuring that you get the best price and service package (while not directly fund-raising, the cost reduction involved has the same effect)
  5. Use your Sellboard dashboard to set up a naming rights auction.  Develop your business case, set a desired price, and set this as the reserve price in your auction.  Then, identify prospective ‘acceptable’ naming partners, and invite them to bid on naming the playground.

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