Digital fundraising made easier.

Digital fundraising made easier.


We’re dedicated to helping Canada’s not-for-profit community maximize their fundraising potential by providing an easy to use platform to gain project-specific funding. Sellboard connects you with like-minded individuals in your community and beyond, who believe...
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Easily set up and promote in-person or virtual special events and gatherings. Sell tickets. Process payments. Manage the status of multiple events easily.
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Not-for-profits can easily self-manage auctions for any type of service or product by using our platform. Offer unique experiences, services, and items for sale – periodically, or on an on-going basis. We support your auctions...
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Planned Giving & Recurring Donations

Use the platform to develop market-aligned planned-giving programs that generate ongoing funds for your not-for-profit. Customize Donation Products Transform the way you accept online donations. Sellboard gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily develop...
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Benefits for Not-for-Profit Agencies

Through easy to use tools, you’ll:

  • Configure and promote creative and effective crowdfunding campaigns
  • Launch fundraising auctions
  • Develop new subscription-giving programs, aligned with multiple donor-sectors
  • Manage events, and sell tickets
  • Sell merchandise

…all from your privately-branded store that’s easy to customize, easy to administer

You have complete control over the look, feel, price, and duration of your promotion, and you get your funds within three days.

You’ll build engagement and momentum.

Sellboard provides limitless customization options for your agency to launch and manage fundraising campaigns, including micro-donations, subscriptions, auctions, event registrations, crowdfunding campaigns, and more.

You’ll be up and running quickly.
Your logo emblazons the entry of every donation product and your own private Giving Page. You control the look and feel of your events, tickets, PDF tickets, auctions, crowdfunding campaigns, and more. Complete white label installations are available Professional support is available to help you assure that your promotions are reaching their potential.

Security and Support

The site takes security very seriously and takes appropriate measures to safeguard data. Some of these measures include:

  1. Use of PCI-compliant 3rd-party payment providers
  2. Regular backups and redundancy protocols.
  3. Non-disclosure of significant measures (if you’d like to speak about it, we welcome your call).

Social Distribution

The platform makes social distribution easy: your promotions connect to your social accounts and to ours, increasing your organic distribution. We also help you zero-in on the likeliest donors, or participants in any of the campaigns you develop.


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